Wolf-Devine, Celia
Descartes on Seeing
Descartes on Seeing

The first booklength study of the Cartesian theory of visual perception, which concludes that Descartes ultimately failed to provide a completely mechanistic theory of visual perception.

Wolfe, Christopher, editor
Concept of Social Justice, The
The Concept of Social Justice

Readers will come away from this book with a deeper understanding of the origins of social justice, a sensitivity to the frequent abuses of the term, and a recognition of the forms in which it can be a valuable part of today’s political discourse.

Womersley, David, editor
Religious Scepticism
Religious Scepticism

On the publication of the first volume of The Decline and Fall in 1776, there arose a controversy that rapidly became broader than a dispute about an individual writer. Gibbon replied to his critics in the rhetorically brilliant Vindication in 1779, and then withdrew from the fray. But the debate continued long after that. Gibbon’s adversaries were more substantial figures than he was willing to concede, and it is Gibbon’s account of the dispute that has for the most part conditioned the work of later commentators. This comprehensive selection from the writings of Gibbon’s adversaries allows the reader to judge the critics for themselves, and so enter into one of the most important literary disputes of the eighteenth century.

Woodard, David J.
Politics of Morality, The
The Politics of Morality

Here are seven readable biographical sketches of important people who influenced the times in which they lived by bringing their faith to bear on social issues. In writing about them the author incorporates biography, theology, and politics into a coherent whole portrait of the subjects. Present day journals like First Things, National Review, and Christianity Today began as an extension of the personalities of the people profiled in this book, whose interests guided faithful believers in the midst of changing and turbulent times.

Zagorin, Perez
History of Political Thought in the English Revolution, A
A History of Political Thought in the English Revolution

Discusses analytically all the important thinkers and publicists who were active at the time of the great revolution. Zagorin gives particular emphasis to the period 1645–60, when Hobbes, the Leveller leaders, and Winstanley were active. The book also restores to attention other writers who, although influential at the time, have seen been neglected and relates the motives of these men to the underlying causes of the age.

Zeller, Eduard
Outlines of the History of Greek Philosophy
Outlines of the History of Greek Philosophy

Providing an essential overview of all the main tenets of ancient Greek philosophy in one compact but comprehensive source, Zeller concentrates on four main periods of thought from before Socrates until the end of the Roman Empire. Clearly written and constructed, it includes a full bibliography and is indexed by name. First published in 1883, this classic historical work stood as the leading authority on the subject for many years and remains a useful and valuable guide. This reprints the fully revised thirteenth edition of 1931.

Zyrkowski, John
It's the Sun, Not Your SUV
It's the Sun, Not Your SUV

Global temperatures have increased since 1880. New data show that solar impacts (radiation and magnetic flux) have increased by the same amount and follow the dips in temperature from 1938 to 1970. The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that, based upon computer models, increased solar absorption by CO2 and other “greenhouse gases” (GHG) are overwhelmingly the basis for temperature increases.