Mystery of Fascism, The
Mystery of Fascism, The

David Ramsay Steele, PhD, is a libertarian writer with a powerful underground reputation for producing caustic, entertaining, knowledgeable, and surprising arguments, often violently at odds with conventional thinking. For the first time, some of Dr. Steele’s “greatest hits” have been brought together in an anthology of provocative essays on a wide range of topics. The essays are divided into two parts, “More Popular than Scholarly” and “More Scholarly than Popular.” 

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The Decline of the Novel
Decline of the Novel, The

Told in fast-paced, engaging prose, Bottum’s Decline of the Novel is a succinct critique of classical and contemporary fiction, providing guidelines for navigating the vast genre. This book is a must-read for those who hunger for grand accounts of literature, students of literary form, critics of contemporary art, and general readers who wish to learn, finally, what we all used to know: the deep moral purpose of reading novels.

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The Invisible Threshold
Invisible Threshold, The

These new plays of Marcel’s, here translated into English for the first time, will appeal to all who are interested in the role of grace in everyday life, in the influence of culture on belief, the relationship between faith and reason, the choice of faith in a secular world, and the struggle between inauthentic and authentic existence. Marcel raises profound questions about these and related topics, but does not offer final answers. In his plays, he leaves that to us.

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The Concept of Social Justice
Concept of Social Justice, The

Readers will come away from this book with a deeper understanding of the origins of social justice, a sensitivity to the frequent abuses of the term, and a recognition of the forms in which it can be a valuable part of today’s political discourse.

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The Pilgrimage of Philosophy
Pilgrimage of Philosophy, The

The Pilgrimage of Philosophy: A Festschrift for Charles E. Butterworth intends to introduce readers to the work of Charles E. Butterworth, and thereby to introduce students to Medieval Islamic political philosophy, of which Butterworth is one of the world’s most prominent scholars. In a wider sense, the Festschrift introduces its readers to the current debates on Medieval Islamic political philosophy, related as they are to the questions of the relationship between Islam and Christianity, the Medieval to the Modern world, and reason and revelation

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