Founded in 1996 by the late Bruce Fingerhut, St. Augustine’s Press represents the enduring effort to reconcile citizenship and conscience, and, always, the mind and the heart. An intellectual ‘gatekeeper’ of sorts, Fingerhut published works of reasoned faith, philosophical acumen, and political sobriety––all of which reflect the vulnerability of man and his unending trek toward Truth and unceasing battles in the wilderness of his times. 

St. Augustine’s Press maintains Fingerhut’s hope for America’s future, embodied in the words of Tocqueville that he often repeated: “The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.” Political philosophy is for this reason a prized genre with the Press, as the American spirit relies on these reflections to learn and cultivate the humility and gratitude of mind needed for a greatness of soul.

Fingerhut also established the Press as a ‘portal’ between the new world and the old, a channel for the best political theory and philosophy of Europe to reach Americans and enrich our scholarship. Much that has been enthusiastically discarded by modern and post-modern Europeans now finds refuge among St. Augustine’s Press’ benefactors and readers. 

St. Augustine’s Press has matured into an intellectual and cultural authority, introducing readers to the works of notable guides such as James V. Schall, Peter Kreeft, Ralph McInerny, Charles Rice, Stanley Rosen, Marvin O’Connell, and John Deely––among many others. We have brought the classics of Aquinas, Aristotle, and other masters back to life in new editions. Readers also find luminaries from abroad: Remi Brague, Rene Girard, Pierre Manent, Jean-Luc Marion, Roger Scruton, Jeremy Black, Ryszard Legutko, Leszek Kolakowski, Gabriel Marcel, Winston Churchill, and countless more. In addition to philosophy, the Press highly values works of theology (including canon law), history, and literary commentary.

We are independent of any university, foundation, or endowment. Please visit our donation page to learn more about financial contributions or support for special projects. As Bruce reminded us, “[Autonomy and financial uncertainty] has but one positive aspect: it forces us to be true to our mission, to fix our plans on constant improvement, and to listen to our authors and readers. If we fail in this responsibility, we will fail indeed.” Thank you for considering accompanying us in more ways than reading.

“With faith our battles have purpose, our journeys have hope.”

–Bruce Fingerhut