Ten reasons to read more of David Ramsay Steele’s “legendary lost lectures,” in: The Conquistador with His Pants Down

  • “We now know that Freud was habitually untruthful….”
  • “…[A]ll our glorious labors in piously tearing apart the bodies of the Ozians, ‘limb from limb,
    eye from skull, and liver from spleen,’ must have been in vain!”
  • “Be brutal. Tell the truth. Would you rather live in Miami with Dexter than without him?”
  • “Something that has struck me with greater force recently is that in my thinking, and I believe
    in that of most atheists, ‘atheism’ in itself is rather a minor matter. It’s something that flows from
    the more fundamental and decisive position of apneumatism.”
  • “Is it a fact that facts don’t matter?”
  • “Historical investigation of alchemy shows that Dr. Peterson is dead wrong.”
  • “Killing someone because you believe they hold ideas that might lead them to commit acts of
    violence in the future is not self-defense.”
  • “Thus, we should not pursue communist revolution, not just because communism is
    impossible, but because any attempt to move in the direction of communism will make humans
    in general, everywhere on the planet, worse off.”
  • “The name on Orwell’s birth certificate and on his gravestone is ‘Eric Arthur Blair.’ […]
    Orwell heartily disliked the names ‘Eric’ and ‘Blair.'”
  • “I think I have said enough to show that Michael Huemer has misunderstood and
    mischaracterized Karl Popper. You do not need to be completely out of your mind to agree with
    Popper and me––though I don’t deny that it might help.”
    10 Bonus. “The Low-Fat Diet unnecessarily caused the deaths of millions. The Covid
    Lockdowns unnecessarily caused the deaths of millions. The Covid ‘vaccines’ unnecessarily
    caused the deaths of millions.”