Dumb Ox Books

was founded by the late Ralph McInerny and Bruce Fingerhut to perform one main task: to publish the works, principally the Aristotelian Commentaries of Thomas Aquinas in enduring, readable texts for the next generation of scholars. 

Commentary on Aristotle's Physics
Commentary on Aristotle's <em>Physics</em>
Commentary on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
Commentary on Aristotle's <em>Nicomachean Ethics</em>
Commentary on Aristotle's Posterior Analytics
Commentary on Aristotle's <em>Posterior Analytics</em>

The Posterior Analytics is the summit of Aristotle’s achievement in logic. It investigates the logical requirements for the most perfect of arguments, the demonstration, which proves a necessary conclusion from necessary premises. In his commentary on this treatise, Thomas Aquinas gives us perceptive interpretations of Aristotle’s very concise and difficult text, together with illuminating explanations of the structure of the work as a whole and of the order of its parts. This new translation, based on the Leonine Commission’s 1989 edition, seeks to render Aquinas’s text faithfully in contemporary English. It includes a careful translation of the Latin text of Aristotle on which the commentary was based, with footnotes on passages where it differs from the Greek.

Commentary on Aristotle's De Anima
Commentary on Aristotle's <em>De Anima</em>

The Commentary Thomas Aquinas completed on Aristotle’s De Anima is thought to be the first of some dozen such commentaries that he wrote toward the end of his short career. He may have produced this word in 1268 while teaching in the Dominican house of Santa Sabina in Rome. Shortly thereafter he returned to Paris, where he was swept into the Latin Averroist controversy, at the center of which was the proper interpretation of the De anima. 

Let's Read Latin
Let's Read Latin

At last, a user-friendly introduction to Church Latin using church and scriptural documents themselves, allowing the student to build up knowledge with meaningful texts. All paradigms, grammar, and vocabulary are included, and the texts are explained line by line. A 60-minute audio CD is included to aid in pronunciation. Let’s Read Latin is for students of all ages, and a boon to home-schoolers too.

Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics
Commentary on Aristotle's <EM>Metaphysics</em>
Commentary on Aristotle's On Interpretation
Commentary on Aristotle's <EM> On Interpretation </em>

A continuation of the eminent series of Aristotelian Commentaries of St. Thomas from Dumb Ox Books.