Utilitarians and Religion

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Utilitarians and Religion

Crimmins, James E.

This is the most complete collection ever of original writings on religion and utilitarianism. Illustrating both the sympathetic and antagonistic relationships between the principle of utility and religious beliefs in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this is a work that no scholar of modern political thought should be without.

All texts are reset and fully indexed, there are eleven new introductions, and among the noted features are key writings and extracts long out of print.

“This volume provides major texts of the eighteenth-century religious exponents of utilitarianism, three of Bentham’s important works on religion, and neglected essays by James Mill and by John Stuart Mill on utilitarianism and religion. No better guide and editor for these texts could be found than James Crimmins, the world’s leading scholar on this subject. Since most of these writings are quite scarce, the collection is an indispensable resource for every student of the history of British moral, political, and religious thought.” – J. B. Schneewind