John Paul II LifeGuide, The

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Edited by Ellen Rice, A LifeGuideTM Series Title 96 pages, 4¼" x 7", introduction, citations, indexes

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John Paul II LifeGuide, The

Words to Live By

Pope John Paul II

The late Pope John Paul II’s words and life have inspired millions of people. Here, in one handy and easy-to-use guide, are some of the most memorable and inspiring quotes encompassing all of John Paul’s long life, grouped around principal categories such as human love, creation, suffering, human life/Gospel of life, the person, time and eternity, faith and reason, love of country, and many more, plus a careful, detailed subject index and quotable-line index.

Many people who follow the Pope as an inspiring speaker do not know of his philosophical writings, and many who know him mainly through the reading of his wide-ranging and crystalline encyclicals do not know of any of his personal writings and poetry. Here gathered for all his admirers is a collection that will inspire and provoke, encourage and comfort. St. Augustine’s Press’s new LifeGuideTM Series will offer collections of the most memorable thoughts from some of the most inspiring authors in history. Some will be new translations (and, if so, will feature the original languages as well as English), some will be English-only, but all will present the thoughts and words that have changed the lives of millions.

Bound in a small, convenient size, LifeGuidesTM will all be very reasonably priced to make them attractive, enduring gifts.

Ellen Rice is the editor of Where Did I Come From? Where Am I Going? How Do I Get There? She has served as assistant editor of Catholic Dossier and the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars’ Quarterly, and co-author of the Catholic Schools Textbook Project.