Apocalypse of Being, The

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Translation by Gabriel Martínez, Introduction by Ralph McInerny, 192 pages, 6" x 9", prologue, notes, index

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Apocalypse of Being, The

The Esoteric Gnosis of Martin Heidegger

Sacchi, Mario Enrique

Heidegger intended to replace metaphysics by a new kind of thought about that which he called Sein, but in his works this noun is very far from meaning the act of being such as it has been traditionally conceived by Western philosophy. His explanations as to what he does mean by Sein underline his departure from traditional metaphysics. Sein is no longer to be understood as the act of the things that exist in the eternal world, but as something revealed to the human mind in an esoteric way. The association of this esoteric revelation of Sein with Hölderlin's theosophy led Heidegger to put forward a new gnosis organized as a substitute of metaphysics and of Christian theology as well.

Mario Enrique Sacchi is a member of the Pontifical Roman Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas and of the Catholic Religion and editor of Sapientia, Buenos Aires, Argentina.