River War, The

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A definitive new edition, edited and with an introduction by James W. Muller, New foreword by Lady Soames (Churchill's youngest daughter); Published in association with the International Churchill Society, ca. 1500 pages, 6" x 9", new and definitive critical edition, two volumes, two-color printing throughout, colored map sections, many line drawings and photogravures, new appendices including Churchill's original war dispatches from the Nile campaign, introduction, footnotes, other appendices, bibliography, index, OFFICIAL PUB DATE: November 6, 2020

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River War, The

An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan

Churchill, Winston S.

Originally published in two volumes in 1899, The River War has been out of print in its original, unabridged version since it was shortened to one volume in 1902. Only 3,000 copies were printed, and the first edition costs thousands of dollars today. The original version abounded in colorful stories about Churchill, controversial judgments on his contemporaries (especially his commanding officer, Lord Kitchener), and thoughts on Islamic fundamentalism and British imperialism. Because they were left out of every subsequent edition, they are all but unknown today, even to scholars. The 1899 edition was illustrated with drawings, photogravures, and colored maps that disappeared with the 1902 abridgment.

The new St. Augustine’s Press edition includes the entire text of the original edition, returned to print for the first time since the book was abridged. It also includes all material added or altered in later editions of the book. New appendices add a definitive new edition of Churchill’s newspaper dispatches from the Sudan, based for the first time on his original manuscripts, as well as Churchill’s other writings on the Sudan from 1898 to 1958.

The new edition has a new foreword by Churchill’s youngest child, the late Lady Soames LG DBE, who was a noted writer in her own right. Editor James W. Muller’s more than thirty years of research adds thousands of new footnotes identifying people who figure in The River War, explaining Churchill’s references to other books and events, tracking down the original dispatches and illustrations, and establishing a text that encompasses all variations in previous editions. These elements distinguish the new edition from any other and make it the definitive version of The River War for all time.

St. Augustine’s Press will publish the two-volume set. The volumes will include all of the original drawings, photogravures, and colored maps from the first edition which were dropped in the second and subsequent editions, along with new appendices, including the first published version of Churchill’s dispatches from the Nile campaign as he originally wrote them.