Party Line, The

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Party Line, The

A Play in Two Acts

Longin, Sheryl and Simon, Roger L.

The Party Line is a historical drama. Using real and fictional characters, it intermingles the story of Walter Duranty – the New York Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning Moscow correspondent in the 1930s – with the more contemporary story of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, who was assassinated in 2002, on the eve of becoming prime minister.

Duranty is most well-known for his reportage of the Ukrainian famine created by Joseph Stalin in the early 1930s, where he covered up the deaths of hundreds of thousands of peasants as a fantasy and then perversely ran false reports written from Moscow about the success of Soviet agricultural policy.

No other dramatic work with which I am familiar, either on stage or on screen, has summed up the salient truths of our time as effectively as The Party Line does. It is nothing less than a profound statement about the lessons of the last century – and about the failure of so many people to learn them. Yet what makes it so powerful is that it does not come across as remotely preachy. On the contrary, it is a deeply human story that – one hopes – will speak to a wide range of audiences, opening their eyes to realities that are right in front of their noses, but from which they have been trained to look away. — Bruce Bawer, PJ Media

Roger L. Simon is the author of eleven books, among them the award-winning Moses Wine detective series and a memoir, Turning Right at Hollywood & Vine. He is the CEO of PJ Media.

Sheryl Longin is a screenwriter and author; among her credits are the filesm, Dick and Prague Duet and the novel, Dorian Greyhound: A Dog’s Tale.

Ronald Radosh is prof. emer. of History at the City University of New York. He is the athor or co-author of many books, including The Rosenberg File and A Safe Haven: Harry S. Truman.