Making of the Christian Mind: The Adventure of the Paraclete, The

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Making of the Christian Mind: The Adventure of the Paraclete, The

Volume Two: Fire and Witness

Patrick, James

´╗┐Fire and Witness is the second volume in James Patrick’s saga recounting the current of inspiration guiding, and at times sweeping, the christian heart toward full integration of the mind in the experience of revelation. In the first volume, A Waiting World, Patrick like a true storyteller captures the wonder and anxiety that finally perceives design and canon.

The second installment presents the parallel struggle to build heart and mind, as heresy and temporal demands challenge the memory and vitality of what christians have received. The writing mind in this sense sustains and gives purpose to the heart, pressed under the burden of doubt and worldly expectation. The reader knows that christianity endures, but how did this happen? Patrick at every turn discloses the role of the Paraclete who remains the unseen protagonist. In this sense, Patrick surprises even those who think they know the story, and no one is safe from being exposed to a bit of the same inspiration that moves the characters in history passed. Indeed, the reader will feel like a part of this same narrative, in a new unwritten chapter but encountering the same Paraclete who has meddled in and marked events with holy breath that even Patrick cannot fully represent.

Highlights of Fire and Witness are Patrick’s presentation of pivotal yet forgotten works such as The Shepherd of Hermes, and his treatment of Origen and Athanasius in their respective social and spiritual contexts. This volume grants the reader a glimpse into a time when resolutions needed to be made and defended with argument, but also with silent witness and the flame of a resolve dimmed not even by death. Patrick’s description of imperial christianity and the Christian imagination that ultimately fashions the proper image of christian places is likewise stunning and not to be missed.