Limits of Analysis, The

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Limits of Analysis, The

Rosen, Stanley

Philosophy in the twentieth century has been dominated by the urge for analysis, a methodology that is supposed to be comparable in clarity and correctness to scientific thought. In this brilliant and devastating attack on such exaggerated claims, Stanley Rosen demonstrates how analysis alone lacks the power to approach the deepest and most important philosophical questions. He thus provides us with a new and deeper understanding of the nature and limits of analytic thinking.

“The Limits of Analysis truly is so far from the usual banalities about the topoic at hand that it stands out as one of the best books in any language on this theme.” – Charles Griswold, New Scholasticism

“A well-written, excitingly bold book.” – Alicia Roqué, Review of Metaphysics

“Ranging widely from such contemporary leading lights as Kripke and Quine back to Plato, Kant, Hegel, and even Nietzsche, while passing through topics such as the nature of a concept, essence and nonexistence, and the idea of the whole. Rosen hammers his thesis home in a variety of manners and with a variety of tools. . . . This book should be of interest to all philosophers of religion.” – David Pellauer, Religious Studies Review

“An ambitious examination of the role conceptual analysis plays in the philosophical enterprise. . . . Admirable and highly recommended.” – Philosophical Studies