Some Catholic Writers

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Some Catholic Writers

McInerny, Ralph

In a series of swift aperçus, Ralph McInerny puts before the reader a number of writers who in their different ways were influenced by their Catholic faith – or in the case of Willa Cather by a faith that was a near cousin to Catholicism. Many of these writers would have been surprised by, even unhappy with, the designation Catholic. The adjective may suggest that their fiction is apologetic, catechetical, pastoral. But the point of noticing the influence of faith on the outlook of these writers is not to separate them off from writers tout court, but to emphasize that they occupy in a way noteworthy in these last times the mainstream of Western literature. It would seem gratuitous to refer to Dante and Shakespeare and Dryden as Catholic authors. There is no need to point out that the faith was the very air they breathed. Nowadays it seems useful to make the point explicit.

Included in this volume are: Maurice Baring, Hilaire Belloc, Robert Hugh Benson, Georges Bernanos, Anthony Burgess, Willa Cather, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Kate Chopin, Paul Claudel, Baron Corvo, Francis Marion Crawford, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ford Madox Ford, Etienne Gilson, Graham Greene, Paul Horgan, James Joyce, George A. Kelly, Jacques Maritain, Raïssa Maritain, François Mauriac, Thomas Merton, Brian Moore, Edwin O’Connor, Flannery O’Connor, Frank O’Malley, Charles Peguy, Walker Percy, Josef Pieper, J. F. Powers, Piers Paul Read, Fulton J. Sheen, Muriel Spark, Edith Stein, and Evelyn Waugh.

Ralph McInerny, author of over 100 books in philosophy, fiction, poetry, translation, and biography, is the Michael P. Grace Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame.