Second Coming of Christ, The

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Translated by Nirmal Dass, 185 pages, 6" x 9", Pub date: August 2022

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Second Coming of Christ, The

Ancient Doctrine and Present Times

Breynaert, Fran├žoise

Compelling theological questions converge with contemporary concerns in Françoise Breynaert's exposition of the doctrine surrounding Christ's second coming. Why must Christ come again? What will become of this earth as the dominion of man is more and more power concentrated in the hands of the few? Ideologies associated with the pursuit of power promise salvation––of the world, the planet, of humanity itself––through politics, technology, and science. But Breynaert draws answers to both questions instead from Scripture and with this book prepares us for what lies ahead. She points to the spiritual journey that is humanity's true destiny, along which man will encounter the temptation to accept the claims of power and its promises of fulfillment in this life, and the traps laid for the man who does not wish to be challenged for the victory of his soul. Breynaert's account of the second coming and the false promises of today's world also remind us of the assurances given in Scripture for mercy and triumph, an optimism that offers much needed strength of spirit.

The great mystery of Christ's second coming is part of the core of Christian faith. And at long last, here is a book that explains what this truly means. And in doing so, we come to know the revealed meaning of history, which has nourished the hope of Christians through the ages.