Same-Sex Attraction

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Same-Sex Attraction

A Parents' Guide

Harvey, John F. OSFS and Bradley, Gerard V.

This work addresses parents whose children believe themselves to be attracted sexually to persons of the same sex, and it involves many aspects of the complex issues surrounding homosexuality and the homosexual movement. Renowned scholars in scripture, dogmatic and moral theology, philosophy, canon and civil law, pastoral theology, and psychology and psychiatry address the many aspects of the subject with care, sensitivity, and clarity. Although this work is written by Catholics and aimed principally at a Catholic audience, much of what is written is applicable to parents of any religious persuasion.

After an introductory essay that sets the cultural stage for the present, the work is broken down into parts on science ("The Biological Truth about Homosexuality" by Jeffrey Satinover, "The Gay Deception" by Joseph Nicolosi, and "Does Homosexuality Nullify a Marriage?" by Msgr. Cormac Burke), morality ("Scripture and Homosexuality" by Kevin E. Miller, "The Theology of Hetero- and Homosexuality," by Benedict Ashley, O.P., and "An Intrinsically Disordered Inclination" by John Finnis), law ("‘Life Partners’ Legislation" by Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, "Domestic Partners Legislation" by the late John Cardinal O’Connor, and "Same-Sex Marriage: Our Final Answer?" by Gerard V. Bradley), pastoral considerations ("The Teaching of the Church" by Helen Hull Hitchcock, "Calling One’s Self ‘Gay’ or ‘lesbian’ Clouds One’s Self-Perception" by Alan P. Medinger, and "Questions and Answers for Parents of Persons with Same-Sex Attractions" by John F. Harvey, OSFS). Also enclosed is a transcript of the misguided "Always Our Children" video and an essay on this revision by Fr. Harvey.

Fr. Harvey is director of Courage, a Catholic homosexual-recovery agency. Gerard Bradley is professor of law, University of Notre Dame Law School, and past president of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars.