Roger Bacon's Philosophy of Nature

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Translated, edited, and introduced by David C. Lindberg, 502 pages, 6" x 9", Latin with facing English translation, preface, abbreviations, introduction, illustrations, notes, bibliography, appendices, general index, index of manuscripts

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Roger Bacon's Philosophy of Nature

A Critical Edition, with English Translation, Introduction, and Notes, of De multiplicatione specierum and De speculis comburentibus

Bacon, Roger

”The name David Lindberg is certainly not new to the study of medieval science in general or of medieval optics in particular. . . . But without any doubt we have in hand now the man’s masterwork, a truly first-rate book, done with consummate skill, complete in every detail. . . .

“The translations . . . are the best ever for the two Latin works . . . . And to continue with what may seem to be an advertising blurb, the notes, which are appended at the end of the explanations to the translations, are everything that one could expect from good historical study. . . .

“This is truly a beautiful book, carefully wrought to the last detail. Even the printing is exquisite. The ultimate test, to my way of thinking, for this kind of book is how parallel the Latin and English facing pages are. The English translation, in fact, is never behind the Latin text as one turns the page by more than half a line. That is perfection itself.” – George March, O.F.M., Speculum