Restoring Nature

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Foreword by Ralph McInerny, 400 pages, foreword, introduction, notes

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Restoring Nature

Essays in Thomistic Philosophy and Theology

Waddell, Michael M., editor

The concept of nature has drawn criticism from many quarters, including the natural sciences, ethics, metaphysics and theology. In these essays, distinguished thomistic philosophers and theologians seek to recover nature for their disciplines. The volume contains extensive treatment of nature’s much disputed role in ethics, as well as its importance for the philosophy of science (including biology), philosophical anthropology, metaphysics, the philosophy of art, theology and other areas.


Benedict M. Ashley, OP, "Art Perfects Nature"

Steven Baldner, "Prime Matter: A Thomistic Reply to Some Recent Criticisms"

Angelo Campodonico, "Philosophical Anthropology facing Aquinas’ Concept of Human Nature"

William E. Carroll, "Creation and Evolution"

Lawrence Dewan, OP, "Nature as a Metaphysical Object"

Fulvio Di Blasi, "What Nature? Whose Nature? Reflecting on Some Recent Arguments in Natural Law Ethics"

Jude P. Dougherty, "Maritain on the Limits of the Empiriometric"

Leo J. Elders, SVD, "Nature as the Basis of Moral Actions"

Robert A. Gahl, Jr., "Human Nature, Poetic Narrative, and Moral Agency"

Anne Barbeau Gardiner, "The Order of Providence and the Sacrament of Order,Paralleled in St. Thomas Aquinas"

Marie George, "Nature as Determinatio ad Unum: The Case of Natural Virtue"

John Goyette, "St. Thomas on the Unity of Substantial Form"

Christopher Kaczor, "Disclaimers in Aquinas’s Commentary on the
Nicomachean Ethics? A Reconsideration"

Steven A. Long, "The Nature of the Moral Object"

Christopher Martin, "Is Usury a Sin Against Nature?"
Ralph McInerny, Foreword

John O’Callaghan, "Distinguir pour Unir: Putnam vs. Aquinas on the Unity of Nature"

Vittorio Possenti, "Aquinas: Nature, Life and Teleology"

Anthony Rizzi, "The Primary End of Marriage"

Mario Enrique Sacchi, "From Nature to God: The Physical Character of St. Thomas Aquinas’ First Way"

Michael M. Waddell, "Natural Theology in St. Thomas’s Early Doctrine of Truth"

Héctor Zagal, "Intellectus Agens: Why Does Thomas Trust De Anima III.5?"