Response to the Paradoxes of Malestroit

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edited and translated by Henry Tudor and R. W. Dyson, new introduction by D. P. O'Brien, 177 pages, preface bibliography, index, Primary Sources in Political Thought

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Response to the Paradoxes of Malestroit

Bodin, Jean

This work addresses the particular problems of economic and financial policy, and broke new ground when it was published.

This is a new and complete translation of Bodin’s treatise with notes, introduction, and bibliography, and was based on the first edition of 1568 but incorporates the considerable additions and amendments that Bodin introduced into the second edition of 1578, which additions include a substantial section from Six livres de la république in which Bodin argues against the debasement of coinage and in favor of sound money. The volume gives a complete picture of Bodin’s political economy and the stages of its development.