Prenatal Diagnosis

The Anscombe Bioethics Centre
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Prenatal Diagnosis

Confronting the Ethical Issues

Sutton, Agneta

“The breath of Sutton’s analysis is vast. She draws on biological, medical, legal, and sociological information. The analysis also includes a review of Roman Catholic tradition concerning abortion and canonical penalties.” Kevin T. Fitzgerald, S.J., Theological Studies

“This is an exceptionally important and distinguished book. Learned and lucid, calm and pithy, it provides a masterly overview of the ethical, legal and practical implications of prenatal diagnosis, human genetic control and eugenic abortion.

“Alongside this . . . there is a brilliant summary of Catholic teaching on all these issues which shows the essential coherence of the Church’s teaching on abortion, embryology and sexuality from the Fathers to the present day. . . .

“This book . . . is also compulsory reading for every pro-lifer, Congratulations to the Linacre Centre for producing it. It is the best thing I have come across for years.” – Jack Scarisbrick, Life News