Prayer in Newman

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Translated and introduced by Rev. Nicholas L. Gregoris, S.T.D., 96 pages

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Prayer in Newman

Velocci, Giovanni, C.SS.R.

“Thanks to the skill of Father Nicholas Gregoris, the publication in English translation of Giocanni Velocci’s important work, Prayer in Newman, will bring before a wider audience a significant study. In a few pages are drawn together from Newman’s sermons and meditations, both Anglican and Catholic, his reflections on the life of prayer. Moreover, this little work reveals Newman himself to be a masterful teacher of the art of prayer and – most important – to be essentially a man of prayer. In Father Velocci’s admirable phrase, ‘prayer became the preferred occupation of Newman.’

“As the cause for Cardinal Newman’s canonization continues to advance, this timely translation will serve to highlight the central fact that we find in Newman’s inner life that profound longing for union with God in prayer which is surely the hallmark of saints.” – Very Rev. Paul Chavasse of the Birmingham Oratory

The Rev. Giovanni Velocci, a Redemptorist priest, is a professor of Church history and the history of theology, and has published widely on Newman.

The Rev. Nicholas L. Gregoris holds degrees from the Pontifical Gregorian University and the Pontifical Theological Faculty of the Marianum in Rome. He is the author of many articles and The Daughter of Even Unfallen (Newman House Press).