Plato's Statesman

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Plato's Statesman

The Web of Politics

Rosen, Stanley

Rosen presents a rich and provocative analysis of the Statesman, one of Plato’s most challenging works, and contends that the main theme of the dialogue is defining the art of politics and the degree to which political experience is subject to the rule of sound judgment (phronésis) and to technical construction (techné).

"Rosen tries by explaining the dialogue’s philosophical methodology to appeal to readers other than those who specialize in Plato. He succeeds by means of his lucid prose and ordered presentation of the dialogue’s twists and turns. A necessary book for all levels of thoughtful readers." – Choice

"[Rosen] succeeds . . . in presenting the often obscure intellectual challenges of the dialogue, and so deserves careful consideration from students of Plato." – Kinch Hoekstra, Times Literary Supplement

"The Statesman may well be Plato’s most difficult work. Rosen’s interpretation is penetrating and original, with a rich and humorous description of the recalcitrant details of the dialogue." – David K. O’Connor, University of Notre Dame

One of the most eminent Plato scholars alive, Rosen is the author of many books, including Plato’s Symposium, Plato’s Sophist, G.W.F. Hegel, Nihilism, The Limits of Analysis, The Ancients and the Moderns, and The Question of Being, all from St. Augustine’s Press.