Mathematics in Aristotle

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305 pages, paperback, 1949 edition, preface, notes, illustrations, index, Key Texts

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Mathematics in Aristotle

Heath, Thomas

This is a detailed exposition of Aristotelian mathematics and mathematical terminology. It contains clear translations of all the most important passages on mathematics in the writings of Aristotle, together with explanatory notes and commentary by Heath. Particularly interesting are the discussions of hypothesis and related terms, of Zeno’s paradox, and of the relation of mathematics to other sciences. The book includes a comprehensive index of the passages translated. “The commentary clears up many difficult points and provides a wealth of scholarly information on the history of mathematics and mathematical terminology.” – Martha Kneale, Mind

“The book opens up the whole of Aristotle to mathematicians who have no Greek, and enables them to form a judgement of Aristotle both as a mathematician, and as a mathematical philosopher.” – Philosophy