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The Proper Habit of Our Being

Montgomery, Marion

A positive engagement of the complementary dimensions of intellect that St. Thomas calls the intellectus (intuitive) and the ratio (rational), Making enlarges the concept of making as that capacity to our nature as persons whereby we exercise stewardship in the world, whether in the making of a garden or of a poem. Demanding and provocative, Making examines significant levels of “disorientation of intellect” in the modern world.

Montgomery’s critique, in the form of “essays speculative, reflective, argumentative,” seeks to point the way out of intellectual disarray and confusion by affirming the spiritual nature of man, of mind, of the noetic quality of man as “maker” in the course of his intellectual journey. What transpires during this journey, he believes, has deep and permanent impact on one’s view of oneself, of others, of life, and of thought. Above all, he shows, through his sensitive and assiduous commentary, how it is possible to recover from our modernist divisions and separations. Foremost among these is the extreme intellectual and spiritual deracination that grips modern life when intellect is increasingly distanced from any transcendent reality other than itself.