Making of the Christian Mind, The: The Adventure of the Paraclete

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Making of the Christian Mind, The: The Adventure of the Paraclete

Vol. 3: Confessions and Rule

Patrick, James

In the third installment of The Making of the Christian Mind, James Patrick's Church history and 'adventure' series, we meet more towering figures of Christianity, among them Augustine and Benedict. The former, who abandoned rhetoric to become learned by Saint Ambrose, and the latter, whose Rule built a thousand monastic communities across Europe, were not isolated characters but beneficiaries of wisdom drawn entirely from the pursuit of holiness. What emerges is a culture of living and learning that flourishes on the foundations of prayer. This is the adventure of the Great Helper, who working throughout the passage of time post-Christ has come to guide not just the dreams and spirit of man, but his work and daily life.

 Patrick's work is both fine scholarship and epic story-telling, a key component to both the education and fascination of the Christian mind, which in turn has shaped the world more deeply than any other influence in human history. "The Christian intellect will guide the heart to the place where the knee can bend and the eye see; the making of the Christian mind will continue from age to age, locating eternal truth in a human history that will endure as God wills so that many may be saved, pointing beyond itself to the reality that thoughts and words represent, making all things new."