Lord Byron's Foot

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Lord Byron's Foot

Poems:Winner of The New Criterion Poetry Prize

Green, George

George Green is a pop-culture Juvenal, whose satiric strain is both trenchant and elegiac. The poems in Lord Byron’s Foot move deftly between the back alleys of Trieste and the parking lots of his hometown in Pennsylvania, between Chichester Cathedral and the downtown streets and parks of Manhattan where he has lived for three decades. Green’s range and depth of knowledge in these technically accomplished poems might be intimidating if not for the disarming delight and passion with which he engages his material and the bizarrely raucous humor in which the poetry often revels.

Lord Byron’s Foot is the twelfth winner of the annual New Criterion Poetry Prize. The New Criterion is recognized as one of the foremost contemporary venues for poetry that pays close attention to form. Building upon its commitment to serious poetry, The New Criterion established this annual prize in 2000.

George Green’s poems are full of wit, lore, and extraordinary twists. They converse delightfully of cultures high and low, yet with a vision which recognizes in Warhol’s portraits “a frightful vacancy and transience,” and can see in twinkling Sirius “a loose bulb on the drunkard’s porch that flickers.” His constantly amusing discourse has an enriching darkness which transcends the comic. —Richard Wilbur

The poems of George Green, with their breadth of knowledge, their eloquence, their humor, their vitality, all incomparably orchestrated, are astonishing. He is one of the truly outstanding poets at work today. —Mark Strand

George Green is an ingenious poet who brings it all to the table—his erudition, his comic sense, an open heart, and an unerring feel for English prosody. —Billy Collins

George Green’s poems have appeared in various journals and in the anthologies Poetry 180; 180 More Poems; The Best American Poetry 2005, and 2006; Bright Wings: An Illustrated Anthology of Poems about Birds; and The Swallow Anthology of New American Poets. He teaches at Lehman College, CUNY, in the Bronx.