Logos and Eros

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Logos and Eros

Essays Honoring Stanley Rosen

Ranasinghe, Nalin

Included here are twenty essays from renowned scholars, honoring Stanley Rosen, whose work in ancient and modern philosophy is among the most influential today. Rosen is the author of fourteen books, including nine from St. Augustine’s Press.

Table of Contents

Introduction Stanley Rosen as Educator Nalin Ranasinghe, Assumption College

Works for or about Stanley Rosen
Transformations of Enlightenment: Plato, Rosen and the Postmodern Alasdair MacIntyre, Univ. of Notre Dame
The ‘Ordinary Experience’ of the Platonic Dialogues Drew Hyland, Trinity College
From Hermeneutics to Common Sense: Stanley Rosen on Precomprehension Laurent Jaffro, Sorbonne
Four Brief Essays for Stanley Rosen: Herbert Mason, Boston University
Discourse, a poem by Geoffrey Hill, Boston University

Works on Plato and Ancient Philosophy:
The Grammar of the Soul: On Plato’s Euthyphro Michael Davis, Sarah Lawrence College
Platonic Liberalism: Self-Perfection as a Foundation of Platonic Political Theory Charles Griswold, Boston Univ.
The Non-lover in Aristotle’s Ethics Ronna Burger, Tulane University
Democracy in Motion: Some Reflections on Herodotean Politics Clifford Orwin, University of Toronto
Aristotle’s Commonsensical Cosmology David Roochnik, Boston University
The Politics of the Afterlife in Plato’s Gorgias, Damjan Krnjevic, Adviser to the President of Serbia

Works on Modern Philosophy:
Kant’s Philosophical Use of Mathematics: Negative Magnitudes Eva Brann, St. John’s College
Origins of Enchantment: Conceptual Continuities in the Ontology of Political Wholeness Waller Newell, Carleton
On Giving Oneself the Law Robert Pippin, University of Chicago
Christianity is Platonism for the People Robert Rethy, Xavier University
Where My Spade Turns: On Philosophy, Nihilism, and the Ordinary Sharon Rider , Uppsala University
Freedom from the Good: Heidegger’s Idealist Grounding of Politics Richard Velkley, Catholic University
The True and the Bad Infinity Donald Verene, Emory University