Let's Read Latin

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184-page, 5½" x 8½", bound with a 60-minute audio CD, preface, notes, appendices

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Let's Read Latin

Introduction to the Language of the Church

McInerny, Ralph

At last, a user-friendly introduction to Church Latin using church and scriptural documents themselves, allowing the student to build up knowledge with meaningful texts. All paradigms, grammar, and vocabulary are included, and the texts are explained line by line. A 60-minute audio CD is included to aid in pronunciation. Let’s Read Latin is for students of all ages, and a boon to home-schoolers too.

In his July 7, 2007, apostolic letter, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged the use of the Latin Mass throughout the Church. Here is a text for all age groups that uses church and scriptural references and materials to learn the language. The 60-minute audio CD included uses ecclesiastical pronunciation rather than the typical classic pronunciation, making this an especially useful guide to the language of the Church.