Last Things

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New introduction by the author; otherwise, this is a reprint of The End: What Jesus Really Said about the Last Things, 160 pages, 5½" x 8½", introduction, notes, bibliography

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Last Things

The Heart of New Testament Eschatology

Conyers, A. J.

The Bible teaching on the end times have long been a source of sometimes morbid fascination for Christians. And now, at the turn of another millennium, we are seeing renewed bouts of predictions fever. Amid the frenzy, how can we take end-times teachings seriously and understand them clearly?

Two often, A. J. Conyers says, refined systems – whether they be popular or scholarly – have become interpretive tails that wag the scriptural dog. “It is the dog we are interested in here, though we'll allow others to affix the appropriate millennial tails."

With an expert eye, but peppering his treatment with fresh stories and applications, Conyers focuses especially on Mark 13, Jesus’ Olivet discourse. Return, then, with Peter and Andrew and Jesus’ other original disciples, to consider anew the Gospels' real teaching on the last things.

A. J. Conyers is director of the George W. Truett Seminary, Baylor University, and author of numerous books, including Eclipse of Reason from St. Augustine’s Press and, most recently, The Long Truce (Spence Publishing).