Jerusalem, Athens, and Rome

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Jerusalem, Athens, and Rome

Essays in Honor of James V. Schall, S.J.

Guerra, Marc D., editor

James V. Schall, S.J. is unquestionably one of the wisest Catholic political thinkers of our time. For more than forty years, Fr. Schall has been an unabashed practitioner of what he does not hesitate to call Roman Catholic political philosophy. A prolific writer and renowned teacher at Georgetown University, Fr. Schall has helped to educate two generations of Catholic thinkers. The present volume brings together seventeen essays by noted scholars in honor of Fr. Schall. It is a testimony to Fr. Schall’s erudition and influence that the authors of these essays did not have the privilege of directly studying under him. Rather, they are the indirect but grateful beneficiaries of “Another Sort of Learning,” one that Fr. Schall tirelessly defends and practices.

An appendix lists all the books Schall has written.

Contributors include Marc Guerra, J. Brian Benestad, Francis Canavan, S.J., Kenneth Grasso, Thomas Hibbs, John Hittinger, Mary Keys, Robert Kraynak, Douglas Kries, Rev. Matthew Lamb, Peter Augustine Lawler, Frederick Lawrence, Daniel Mahoney, Graham McAleer, Michael Novak, Tracey Rowland, and Paul Seaton.