It's the Sun, Not Your SUV

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It's the Sun, Not Your SUV

CO2 Won't Destoy the Earth

Zyrkowski, John

Global temperatures have increased since 1880. New data show that solar impacts (radiation and magnetic flux) have increased by the same amount and follow the dips in temperature from 1938 to 1970. The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that, based upon computer models, increased solar absorption by CO2 and other “greenhouse gases” (GHG) are overwhelmingly the basis for temperature increases.

But increases in global temperatures do not track with increased solar absorption by GHG. Rather, such increases follow closely the levels of solar impacts emanating from our sun. In short, if GHG play a role, it is minor in the 0.26% warming since 1880. The sun is responsible for the primary change, and political fixes such as envisaged in the Kyoto Treaty will not change global temperatures measurably but will mean a drastic decrease in worldwide output of goods, with calamitous effects on millions of people who are ill prepared to suffer immense decreases in their standards of living. Scientists disagree on what causes temperature change, whether humans can affect temperature change, or even whether temperature change is, on balance, good or bad. How then can you, who wish to be informed on this critical subject, come to a discerning and correct answer? By readingIt's the Sun, Not Your SUV, you can quickly become fully informed about global-temperature issues.

John Zyrkowski begins with the irrefutable, uncontested raw data available from government sources on temperature fluctuations, solar impacts of radiation and magnetic flux, and CO2 absorption rates. He then uses Excel(TM) functions to demonstrate that the IPCC report used by proponents of the human cause of global warming is fatally flawed. The data doesn't provide the answer the IPCC said it would.

It's the Sun, Not Your SUV provides an in-depth but easily understood explanation of all the key science of climate change. It explains each element in detail, including examples and links to websites that contain regularly updated data. By reading and following the examples in this book, you will be able to understand even the most complex issues of this important scientific discussion, and evaluate the differing views presented by scientists in their own terms, weighing the importance or lack of importance of their results. You'll be able to understand the scientific misjudgments made by those climate scientists who present dire forecasts regarding carbon dioxide and global warming. As you read the IPCC report, you will also recognize where the scientists ignored key science facts and overstated negative impacts with assumptions that have no basis in fact. At the present time, the key scientists that supported them are reversing many of these assumptions.

The evidence is in. Before we go bankrupt, readIt's the Sun, Not Your SUV and make up your own mind.