Issues for a Catholic Bioethic

The Anscombe Bioethics Centre
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Issues for a Catholic Bioethic

Gormally, Luke, editor

“It conveys predictably that Catholic bioethics has as much concern with philosophical issues about body and soul as it has to do with medical casuistry. Less predictably it offers some welcome indications that current Catholic discussion is biblically, as well as philosophically formed: a rather good section called ‘Anthropology’ contains two memorable essays, one by Professor John Haldane on the philosophy of the body and one by Gregory Glazov on biblical anthropology. There are discussions of sexual ethics (with especial reference to John-Paul II’s allocutions) as well as of the vocation of health care and the vocation to suffer. But there is attention to practical questions, too. Six contributions concern themselves with the relation of Catholic medical practice to the norms of contemporary secular society, and especially the problem of cooperation in evil, an understandable preoccupation.” – Oliver O’Donovan, New Blackfriars

‘The papers presented in this volume are intellectually challenging and stimulating, ranging from more abstract and philosophical notions such as the basic understanding of human life and the nature of suffering, to more concrete issues such as brain stem death protocols and refusal of life saving treatment ... although this volume is naturally presented from a Catholic perspective, there is much
to be gained by those who may not necessarily share this tradition.’ Emma Wray Bulletin of Medical Ethics

‘This volume should be on the shelf of any serious student of Catholic bioethics.’ Germain Kopaczynski National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly