Hume's Philosophy of Belief

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295 pages, 1966 edition, Key Texts

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Hume's Philosophy of Belief

A Study of His First Inquiry

Flew, Antony

Stresses the importance of Hume’sAn Inquiry concerning Human Understanding not only as a philosophical text in its own right, but also as the starting point for developing an understanding of broader philosophical issues. Flew takes in such modern thinkers as Peirce, Wittgenstein, Frege, and Ryle. First published in 1961, this is a reprint of the corrected 1966 edition.

“I think very highly of the book. It has scholarship and fire. Almost a record.” – Gilbert Ryle

“[A]dmirably clear to read . . . he ought to give sufficient food for thought to any worthwhile student, and make him read the Inquiry more profitably.” – Mind

“Any subsequent discussion of Hume’s secularism will have to begin with Flew.” – John Passmore, The Philosophical Review