Holiness through Work

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Holiness through Work

Commemorating the Encyclical Laborem Exercens

Schlag, Martin, Editor

To mark the 40th anniversary of John Paul II's encyclical on human work, published in 1981, a group of globally-recognized scholars presents the critical aspects of this document and its purpose. These original essays revisit John Paul II's approach to work in post-modern society and reconnect the dignity of the working person to a pursuit of holiness. These authors convey that only when it is truly Christian can humanism accomplish the lofty ideals it indicates.


This book is a timely contribution to the field of scholarship that focuses on Catholic Social Thought, and is ideally suited for graduate studies and the reader interested in more serious questions in Christian theology.


Giulio Maspero, "The Bible and the Fathers of the Church on Work"

Patricia Ranft, "Work Theology in the High Middle Ages"

Angela Franks, "John Paul II's Metaphysics of Labor"

Deborah Savage, "Confronting a Technocratic Future: Women's Work and the Church's Social Vision"

Martin Schlag, "Contemplation at Work: A Theological Conversation Between John Paul II and Josemaría Escrivá"

Richard Turnbull, "Laborem Exercens: A Protestant Appreciation"

Michael Naughton, "Good Work: Insights from the Subjective Dimension of Work"

Christopher Michaelson, "Subjects and Objects in Meaningful Work"

Javier Ignacio Pinto Garay and Alvaro Pezoa Bissieres, "The Worker and the Transistor: The Dignity of Work and Business Ethics in Global Corporate Practices"

Gonzalo Flores-Castro Lingán, "The Real Work: Making the Encyclical Laborem Exercens Operational"

Geoffrey C. Friesen, "Laborem Exercens and the Subjective Dimension of Work in Economics and Finance"