God? A Philosophical Preface to Faith

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440 pages, 6" x 9", originally published in 1975, New preface notes, index

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God? A Philosophical Preface to Faith

Grisez, Germain

The purpose of this book is to set out an argument for the existence of God, to show how criticism of this argument arising from modern and contemporary philosophy can be met, to explicate how language is used to talk about God, and to show that various existential and analytic attacks upon the meaningfulness of Christian faith are not cogent.

The methodology used is novel in that scholastic and rationalistic metaphysical theories are avoided and no attempt is made to construct a “science” of metaphysics.

However, unlike much analytic argumentation, empiricist presuppositions are excluded. The study develops an argument for the existence of an uncaused cause beginning from the existence of contingent entities in the world of experience. Objections to this type of argument from Hume, Kant, Hegel, and post-Hegelian philosophers are fully examined and answered. Reflection on the argument helps clarify the meaning of the language used in its conclusion and of God-talk in general. This classification is then used as a framework for a discussion of such existential issues as how the reality of God can be reconciled with human freedom, with evil in the world, with humanistic values, and with the significance of change, development, and progress.

Germain Grisez is author of Beyond the New Morality, Fulfillment in Christ, andDifficult Moral Questions, among other works.