Genetic Intervention on Human Subjects

The Anscombe Bioethics Centre
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Genetic Intervention on Human Subjects

The Report of a Working Party

Catholic Bishops' Joint Committee on Bioethical Issues, The

“[This book] will be of immense interest to all ethicists, regardless of whether or not they are involved in human genetic intervention, or are Roman Catholic. . . .

“The Report’s conclusion very much reinforces the moral need to value human life, whether a born or unborn individual has a genetic disorder, and regardless of state law. . . . Whether it is considered poignant or provocative, the Report is definitely worth closer study, and is sufficiently broad in its coverage of concepts, as well as of current interventions, to have a reasonably long shelf life.” – Sarah James, Nursing Ethics

‘Opening with a clear exposition of the relevant science, this book offers a concise and thoughtprovoking glimpse of many of the moral issues surrounding our manipulation of the human genome.’ Susan Bull, Bulletin of Medical Ethics