Fall and Other Poems, The

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Fall and Other Poems, The

Bottum, J.

“New England comes to flower dying,” writes J. Bottum in The Fall and Other Poems. In this powerful new collection of poetry, he argues for the centrality of winter, spring, summer, and fall – mourning their loss of meaning, celebrating their symbolic power, and finding in their cycle a figure for God’s presence in the world.

The literary editor of The Weekly Standard, poetry editor of First Things, and a syndicated radio host, Bottum has written essays and reviews for the Atlantic Monthly, the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, National Review, and many other publications. His poetry tends toward formal, structured verse, often issuing in paradoxical, epigrammatical lines: “Words weigh more than words can bear,” “Nothing stays until it’s gone,” “We are the stream of old intent, / the current in the places left,” “a crippled thing still has to live,” “the undivided heart that springs / to fill the broken heart of things.”

Religious, philosophical, formal, and yet sentimental, J. Bottum’s is a voice unlike any other in American literature today.