Euthanasia, Clinical Practice and the Law

The Anscombe Bioethics Centre
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Euthanasia, Clinical Practice and the Law

Gormally, Luke, editor

“This book is a wonderful antidote for anyone tempted to despair of the obfuscation, duplicity and just plain muddleheadedness of many of the participants in the public debate about euthanasia. . . . If you are interested in the debate over euthanasia (and none of us can afford not to be) beg, borrow or buy this book.” – Karin Clark, News Weekly

“A splendid pro-life book, which has already had striking influence in England, is now available here. It will brace the spirits of anyone working to halt ongoing lethal assaults against the unborn and the debilitated. Though focused on euthanasia, many of the volume’s most striking passages, e.g. about the limits of civil authority and the intrinsic value of human life, are of real value to persons working against abortion.” – John Dolan, National Right to Life News

“. . . a case is made powerfully against euthanasia and against those who appear to use quality of life yardsticks of human worth.” – T. L. Chambers, The Lancet

“The book on euthanasia that those of us who work in bioethics always recommend – and refer to ourselves time and again as the best ever statement of the classical position. . . . Euthanasia and Clinical Practice has become ‘a classic’ not just among Catholic cognoscenti but more widely, for instance on the course lists of secular universities.” – Anthony Fisher, O.P., New Blackfriars