Ethics Without God?

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Preface by Ralph McInerny, 196 pages, 6" x 9", preface, introduction, notes

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Ethics Without God?

The Divine in Contemporary Moral and Political Thought

Di Blasi, Fulvio; Hochschild, Joshua P.; and Langan, Jeffrey

Ethics Without God? brings the theological perspective of the Aristotelian and Thomistic traditions to bear on a variety of current political and theoretical questions. The main essays explore a place for the role of God in recent academic philosophy and political theory. The volume also explores the implications of two recent books, each a major scholarly venture in theologically realist ethical reflection: a defense of Platonism in John Rist’s Real Ethics and a natural law jurisprudence in Russell Hittinger’s The First Grace. With lengthy essays prompted by these books – four essays each, by prominent theologians, moral philosophers, and political scientists – and with extended responses from Rist and Hittinger, the result is a volume that engages ultimate questions across academic disciplines and intellectual traditions. Fulvio Di Blasi is author of God and the Natural Law, from St. Augustine’s Press.