Eccentric Core, The

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352 pages, 6" x 9", acknowledgments, notes, selected works of Seth Benardete

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Eccentric Core, The

The Thought of Seth Benardete

Burger, Ronna and Goodin, Patrick, editors

This volume is a tribute to Seth Benardete by contributors who had the rare good fortune of studying with him or who discovered the treasure of his writings. The collection originated with a memorial conference on “The Thought of Seth Benardete” in the spring of 2005 at Howard University. It expanded to include papers from an earlier memorial conference at the New School for Social Research in December 2002 as well as reviews of his books published over the years. The essays about or inspired by Benardete’s thought—on the Bible and Homer, the pre-Socratics, Plato, Aristotle and the Roman writers—suggest the remarkable range of his teaching and studies. The centrality of Plato is evident not only in these essays but also in the reviews, by readers who appreciate the importance of Benardete’s work, its subtlety and its depth. The volume closes with three of Benardete’s previously unpublished essays and a bibliography of his writings.

Contributors Include

Harvey Mansfield, Ronna Burger, Laurence Lampert, John Blanchard, Olivia Delgado de Torres, Heinrich Meier, Michael Davis, Robert Berman, Patrick Goodin, Richard Velkley, Holly Haynes, Steven Berg, Bryan Warnick, Stanley Rosen, Will Morrisey, Arlene Saxonhouse, Abraham Anderson, Martin Sitte, Steven Berg, Edward Rothstein, Mark Blitz, Vincent Renzi, Svetozar, and including Seth Benardete.

Patrick Goodin is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Howard University, where he has taught since 1996. He received his PhD from the New School for Social Research in 1996 after writing his dissertation, under Benardete’s supervision, on Aristotle’s de Anima. His research and teaching interests include Ancient Greek Philosophy, Africana, Afro-Caribbean and African American Philosophy.

Ronna Burger is Catherine & Henry J. Gaisman Chair and Professor of Philosophy at Tulane University. After completing her dissertation on Plato’s Phaedrus, directed by Benardete, she went on to write The Phaedo: A Platonic Labyrinth (Yale 1985, St. Augustine’s Press, revised edition 2016). She is the author of Aristotle’s Dialogue with Socrates: On the Nicomachean Ethics (Chicago 2008) as well as co-editor with Michael Davis of two collections of Seth Benardete’s writings, The Argument of the Action (Chicago 2000) and The Archaeology of the Soul (St. Augustine’s Press 2012).