Dietrich von Hildebrand LifeGuide, The

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Dietrich von Hildebrand LifeGuide, The

von Hildebrand, Dietrich

Pope Benedict XVI once said of Dietrich von Hildebrand: “I am personally convinced that, when, at some time in the future, the intellectual history of the Catholic Church in the twentieth century is written, the name of Dietrich von Hildebrand will be most prominent among the figures of our time.” Besides distinguishing himself by his heroic Christian witness against Nazism, he also distinguished himself as one of the greatest and most original Catholic thinkers of the twentieth century. His profound philosophical work on love, man and woman, sexuality, the heart and the emotions, the foundations of the moral life, natural and Christian virtues, the place of beauty in the life of persons, person and community have inspired and influenced many. But these contributions are still not known as they deserve to be.

In this volume you will find a broad selection of von Hildebrand’s most beautiful and significant insights, presented in a readily accessible way. It will serve as an excellent introduction to the main themes of this outstanding but neglected Catholic thinker.

St. Augustine’s Press’s new LifeGuide™ Series will offer collections of the most memorable thoughts from some of the most inspiring authors in history. Some will be new translations (and, if so, will feature the original languages as well as English), some will be English-only, but all will present the thoughts and words that have changed the lives of millions. 

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