Culture of Life, Culture of Death

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Culture of Life, Culture of Death

Proceedings of the Linacre Center Conference of the Great Jubillee and the Culture of Life, July 2000

Gormally, Luke, editor

A gathering of some of the best scholars in traditional Catholic thinking to discuss the culture of life: Luke Gormally, “Introduction”; Cardinal Thomas J Winning, “The Great Jubilee and the Culture of Life, the Culture of Death”; John Finnis, “Secularism, the Root of the Culture of Death”; Katerina Fedoryka Cuddeback, “The Global Lineaments of the Culture of Death”; Dermot Fenlon, “Dechristianizing England: Newman, Mill and the Stationary State”; Robert George, “The Political Theory of the Culture of Death”; Livio Melina, “Faith in the Incarnation, Death and Resurrection of Jesus and the Culture of Life”; Carlo Lorenzo Rossetti, “What Does It Mean for a Christian to Be ‘Against the world but for the World’?”; Bishop Donal Murray, “The Church as a Community of Hope in the Face of the Culture of Death”; Archbishop George Pell, “The Role of the Bishop in Promoting the Gospel of Life”; Richard Hogan, “The Role of the Priest in Promoting the Culture of Life”; Laura Garcia, “The Family and the Culture of Life”; Anthony Fisher, OP, “Some Problems of Conscience in Bio-Lawmaking”; Jorge Garcia, “The Forms and Limits of the Private Defence of Innocent Human.”

‘These bi-annual conferences . . . are now becoming an essential milestone on the bioethical scene, bringing international scholars together to present orthodox Christian responses to the secularism which has become a decisive influence on clinical practice, biomedical research and legal developments ...the volume [is] an opulent source of reflection on the current crisis in our society.” Peter Doherty, Catholic Medical Quarterly

‘The whole book is a kind of duel, intellectual and practical, between the cultures of life and death. It really is the case that there is hardly a truth of Christian ethics which does not oppose in some way the presence of evil… This is a book full of rigour and inspiration, especially for those prone to neglect the element of struggle in Christian discipleship.” Robert Ombres OP, Priests & People

‘…readers interested in medical ethics whether as legislators, practitioners or moral philosophers and theologians will find much of substance to ponder and to learn from.” Dave Leal, Studies in Christian Ethics

‘…thoroughly to be recommended Margaret Sealey, Ethics & Medicine