Catholic Citizen, The

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Catholic Citizen, The

Debating the Issues of Justice

Whitehead, Kenneth D., editor

The Catholic Church today finds herself at the very center of some of the most important and controversial moral and social developments of our day, including abortion, capital punishment, cloning, so-called “gay marriage,” pacifism and the morality of war, the ethics of healthcare in a technologically advanced but morally deficient society, and other related subjects. The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars attempts to address issues such as these by inviting the best and most knowledgeable scholars and commentators to speak at its annual conventions. This book brings together the addresses and responses devoted to these topics at the Fellowship's 26th annual convention in 2003. The contributors include the renowned John Finnis of Oxford and Notre Dame, Mary Eberstadt of the Hoover Institution, Christopher Wolfe of Marquette University, William E. May of the John Paul II Institute, Gerard V. Bradley of the Notre Dame Law School, Patrick Lee of Franciscan University, Steven A. Long of the University of St. Thomas, E. Christian Brugger of Loyola University in New Orleans, J. Brian Benestad of the University of Scranton, the Rev. Michael J. Baxter of Notre Dame, and, not least, the well-known moral theologian, Msgr. William B. Smith of St. Joseph's Seminary. Nowhere between two covers can there be found a sharper searchlight trained upon some of the principal moral and social issues of our day than in this collection.

Kenneth D. Whitehead is a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education who since his retirement works as a writer, editor, and translator, mostly on subjects of Catholic interest. He is the author, most recently of One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic: The Early Church Was the Catholic Church (Ignatius Press).