Between Nothingness and Paradise

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preface by Ray Monk, 184 pp.,introduction, bibliography, Bristol Introductions

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Between Nothingness and Paradise

Niemeyer, Gerhart

This highly relevant essay by the prominent political philosopher has as its central theme the feature common to all totalitarian ideologies, “the total critique of society” that social criticism that rejects not this or that injustice but damns the entire “system” and overshadows an entire historical period.

“Niemeyer has offered within a much needed ontological framework a valuable essay to the growing literature on social criticism. Engaging in style, well printed, and constructive in tone, the book offers guidance in the present bewildering maze of political philosophies.” – Choice

“[T]his is a meaty and important book.” – Ellis Sandoz, National Review

“The book provides stimulating reading on subjects of enduring political importance.” – Alexander J. Groth, American Political Science Review