Augustinian-Cartesian Index

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Augustinian-Cartesian Index

Text and Commentary

Janowski, Zbigniew

Since the publication of Etienne Gilson’s magisterial study, La Liberté chez Descartes et la théologie, in 1913, Cartesian scholars have been trying to determine the extent of Augustine’s influence on Descartes. Zbigniew Janowski’s Augustinian-Cartesian Index brings what seems to be a definitive answer. In his Index Janowski shows page by page, in Latin and in the English translation, the passages in the Meditations that find their counterparts in the Augustinian corpus. In his meticulous commentary the author analyzes Augustine’s role in the formation and development of Descartes’s philosophy. There are also two appendixes with borrowings from Thomas Aquinas and Bacon, and a short essay on the role Bacon played in the transformation of Cartesian metaphysics. TheAugustinian-Cartesian Index is a major contribution to the understanding of the origins of modern philosophy and Augustinian tradition in the seventeenth century. It will become a standard reference tool.

“The relations between Descartes and St. Augustine have been pondered since Descartes first began to publish his philosophy. Zbigniew Janowski advances this question immeasurably by showing us in detail, passage by passage, how Descartes’ thought connects with that of the Bishop of Hippo. His Index, together with his learned and illuminating commentary, is essential reading for any serious student of Descartes and Augustinianism, indeed, for any serious student of the history of early-modern philosophy and theology.” – Daniel Garber, University of Chicago

“This work is a major contribution to the determination of the origins of Modern philosophy. [It] is not only useful but a necessary tool for students of Modern Philosophy.” – Giulia Belgioioso, University of Lecce

“Janowski supplies careful philology, attention to historical context and requisite scholarship. In my view Janowski’s book is a turning point in a long debate that began with . . . Etienne Gilson’s La Liberté chez Descartes et la théolo-gie. . . Every serious scholar of Descartes and of the Augustinian tradition will want to examine its evidence, just as every good philosophical and theological library will need to acquire it.” – Wayne Hankey, Dalhousie University

Janowski is the author of Cartesian Theodicy: Descartes’ Quest for Certitude.