Allergic to Crazy

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Allergic to Crazy

Quick Thoughts on Politics, Education, and Culture, Rightly Understood

Lawler, Peter

Allergic to Crazy features a stunningly diverse array of brief reflections by one of America’s leading public intellectuals. Each of these short, pointed, and witty essays applies the wisdom of postmodern conservatism to the issues that rightly occupy so much of life these days.

Want to know a bit more about how to watch films, think about TV from American Idol to Mad Men, reflect on the charm of eating at Waffle House, understand why we’re all so obsessed with celebrities, muse for a moment or more on why happiness is such a problem for us, be reminded why in this era of biotechnology we actually believe we can be more than human, and be attentive to the real significance of what we remember on Christmas and 9/11? Then this is the self-help book for you. And of course there is much, much more.

These reflections are for you no matter what you believe right now. Many of them were written for a basically unfriendly audience, for left libertarian techno-enthusiasts who are contemptuous of religion, tradition, and all that. They have an evangelical spirit; they we’re written to gently enlarge hearts. Some of these little essays were written, in a way, to preach to the converted, to explain to conservatives why they should lighten up, be less angry, and be more open to the good in the world around them. You can be sure you’ll find much that provokes you, and much to share with your friends.

This book is perfect for busy people who love to read and think. It’ll find natural homes on coffee tables, bathrooms, waiting rooms, and on the corners of desks of doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. It’ll enliven your conversations at lunch and at the local bar, and will give you something deep to share with your spouse just before you turn the light out.

Allergic to Crazy is equally perfect for professors, scholars, and others with more time to devote to the life of the mind. They’ll appreciate right away the lifetime of learning that brought these reflections into being.