Portrait of Aristotle, A

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273 pp., 1967 edition, preface, notes, biography, bibliography, index, Key Texts

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Portrait of Aristotle, A

Grene, Marjorie

A key introduction to Aristotle, emphasizing the importance of his biological thinking to the study of his thought. Written for students and the general reader with little prior knowledge of Aristotle, this edition features a new preface by Professor Grene.

“Marjorie Grene’s Aristotle is deeply engaged in the world around him, struggling to understand problems that are still of concern to us today. Her analysis reveals the continuing importance of Aristotle’s work.” – Robert Perlman

“As an introduction, the book is one of the best that I have read, clear, without jargon, and successful in its aim.” – W. K. C. Guthrie, Cambridge Review

“[A] fresh and interesting book . . . Identifies a very important aspect of Aristotle’s work, and explains it admirably.” – D. J. Furley, Classical Review