6 Days with Descartes

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Edited by Emanuela Scribano and Zbigniew Janowski 200 pages 6" x 9"

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6 Days with Descartes

Descartes, René

This new edition of Descartes’ Meditations by Emanuela Scribano and Zbigniew Janowski, two scholars who wrote extensively on Descartes and 17th c. philosophy, was prepared with the first-year college student in mind. unlike all existing editions in english, which contain bare text of the Meditations, the novelty of this edition is that it includes a short commentary to each meditation, in which the editors help the reader follow Descartes’ steps and arguments.

In addition to their brief commentaries, the authors also included short footnotes to the books and articles by contemporary Cartesian specialists who discuss in greater detail specific questions and problems which the text of the Meditations raises. In doing so, the authors hope to familiarize students with authors and titles of major works on Descartes, and with on-going scholarly controversies which this masterpiece of modern thought still inspires 6 Days with Descartes: The Meditations Latin and English Text with a Commentary for College Students can also serve as a helpful tool for young and less experienced teachers of philosophy.