The Coming of Big Questions - January 19, 2015

Some years back, I started to write a book on some of the great questions we are faced with in the course of our lives, questions that are often ignored rather than faced, questions that may well define our lives and give meaning to our wanderings and wonderings. Right now, I have bits and pieces of many chapters and a few finished pages.

One of the benefits of writing a blog, for me at least, has been the opportunity to be forced to sit down and finish something (I know, one usually doesn’t think of being forced as an opportunity). I have been in publishing for a long time, and helped, I trust, many authors in their works. Now it is time for me to finish the ideas that have rumbled around in my head for years, ideas about the importance and meaning of questioning, and so I have decided to use the blog for a period of time as an outlet to complete sections of this planned work from the beyond.

Because writing pieces of a book will be longer than the current, short blog, it will appear every other week. I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, complaints, and whatever else that moves you.

Thank you.