Returning to Normalcy - November 4, 2012

If you have no principle, the only thing left is interest. Pardon the pun . . . it was intentional.

What does it mean nowadays to be a journalist? I think this interminable election season has spewed forth a rather minimalist answer. If we did not know before, we know now that the greatest power the media has may not be what is said but what is left unsaid, indeed what is spiked. It has been a demoralizing exhibition, and we can all be grateful that there are so many alternative sources of information now, even though many of these outlets are less than trustworthy.

Three of our four children live in Chicagoland. If I were writing this just for them, I would say “vote early and often,” but I am assuming that most people who read this blog are not from Chicago and would actually be shocked to find their aldermen and judges in prison. (Of course, that may well be the saving grace of living in Chicago.) So for you . . . just vote.

In any case, much of this tawdry display will so be over soon. It will be good for all these television and newspaper masters of the universe to go back to pretending to be journalists.